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BEEBOX Technology Co., Ltd. (In short "BEEBOX Technology") was founded in 2015, relying on self-developed face recognition technology, focused on user end products applications. Starting from the needs for identity verification security, we focus on scenarios of offline large-scale traffic applications, which reduces costs and increases efficiency for key business segments of industry customers. At the same time, based on the advantages of large-scale traffic applications and products close to users, BEEBOX Technology actively explores large-scale data value-added services, and is committed to building the world's largest internal exchange information service network for offline applications, becoming the world's leading intelligent solutions provider.

BEEBOX Technology adheres to the user experience as the core, to create a high experience, platform-based product. Leading the industry standard with the product design and interactive experience. At the same time, BEEBOX Technology has the ability to integrate product technologies such as terminals, networks, and cloud computing, and with flexible application customization capabilities, it can tailor solutions for industry customers, to meet the needs of large-scale traffic scenarios.

Based on self-developed artificial intelligence products, big data platforms, user identity and location information platforms, BEEBOX Technology hopes to connect individuals and merchants, to achieve "human-centered" intelligent business services, bringing people a better, more convenient and smarter life.

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BEEBOX Technology Co., Ltd.    Beijing ICP NO.18036854

BEEBOX Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing ICP NO.18036854


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