Face recognition makes airport operations safer, more efficient management, and a more convenient travel

Through the use of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, internet, big data and other information technology, to create a new smart airport operation mode of passenger-centered, improving the smart operation and management level of airports in all aspects.

Reduce staff and increase efficiency, reduce manual labor, and provide passengers with more self-help travel services Improve the quality of service and income, and create new economic growth points for airport development

Schematic diagram of solution deployment

Perfect “front and back” two-end technology to better meet the application needs of civil aviation airports
  • The smart terminal is compatible with all major manufacturers of the speed gate products, complete the identification work independently, does not consume the resources of the speed gate's industrial PC, and it is stable and reliable.

  • The smart terminal can judge the quality of the captured portrait information, such as sunglasses, masks and other obstructions, and complete the judgment result in milliseconds.

  • The smart terminal is able to set the capture distance of the portrait information, to avoid the error captured when passengers queue up for verification, to achieve real sequential verification.

  • The smart terminal has a full scene light compensation system, which can automatically adapt to the backlight environment, bright light, dark light etc.

Security check
travel information
Full flight process service
  • Smart/intelligent travel mode to improve the overall service experience quality
  • Activate commercial value added, Create airport features
  • Internet + traffic of economic value, creating a new way of airport revenue growth
Solution introduction
Airport terminal access control system

Check the certification of personnel entering and exiting, and establish the security protection boundary of the airport terminal

Relying on the public security network for identity verification, to eliminating security risks

Pre-security check

Achieve different security inspections and improve security inspection efficiency

Excellent face feature collection, ensures the accuracy of the information collected

Relying on the airport information network to obtain travel information, avoiding the contradiction of passenger information asymmetry

Reduce the intensity of security check work, and improve passenger security service experience

Offline content interactive services

New way of entertainment interaction in the airport lounge

Custom push personalized notification content

Targeted customized advertising delivery

Based on face recognition technology, the precise delivery of customized advertisements can be achieved, and improve the airport business value/p>

Change the way of carousel advertising, to achieve personalized advertising

Push notification of airport merchants' business information to enhance the business value of merchants

Airline Service<

Optimize Airline Services by deploying face recognition devices in merchants, leisure areas, and key locations

Provide face swipe boarding service for airlines

Positioning and targeting notices to urge passengers to board

Smart navigation

Providing a travel information push service and a personalized business information push service by deploying a face recognition intelligent terminal

Flight information: normal, delayed, urged

Boarding gate information: distance, time

Route information: leisure, commercial service and time prediction

Business service information: personalized, regionalized business service pushing

Border inspection self-service clearance

Self-service customs clearance service to improve passenger clearance efficiency

Relying on the immigration system to ensure the accuracy of the information

Provide customized services, to meet practical needs

Access control in the isolated area

Internal area control

Airport access control system civil aviation public security supervision

Self-service boarding

Identification of passenger boarding with passenger, ticket and identification, to ensure boarding safety

Relying on the airport information network departure system or the flight boarding system to ensure the accuracy of the information

System ISV coordinating, stable and reliable operation

Effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of staff verification

Reduce passenger waiting time and improve passenger service level

Self-service security check

Passenger, ticket and identification are verified in one process, improve the efficiency of security inspections and reduce waiting in line

Relying on the airport information network security inspection system, to avoid the contradiction of passenger information asymmetry

System ISV coordinating, stable and reliable operation

Improve passenger security service experience

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