Win-win: higher work efficiency, better service experience

Through the mode of Cloud + End, smart passenger management, smart data management, smart channel management, smart visitor management and other application scenarios are linked and managed, to create an integrated intelligent management platform for hotels, improve the efficiency of travel personnel, create a quality service experience, and at the same time provide data support for community security.

Front desk
  • front desk check-in
  • verification of personnel ID card
  • visitor front desk system
  • Visitors/travelers
  • Social Networking Service account of Hotel
  • invited visitors
Property Office
  • Property Manager
  • SaaS Application
  • Visitor Backend System
Access passage
  • security personnel
  • facial recognition access gates
  • facial recognition access control
Innovative application of Social Networking Service + Cloud + End

Features Introduction

  • Hotel 1.personnel & card comparison 2.identity verification 3.access management 4.visitor management management
  • Hotel guest 1.identity verification 2.access control linkage
  • Visitor 1.identity verification 2.access control linkage


Face recognition is unique, cannot be replicated, which greatly improve the safety of hotel guest, while non-contact feature improve the experience process of the hotel guest

Help government integrated management office, public security and other government departments provide effective information support

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