Optimize building management, improve work efficiency and create a quality service experience

Through the mode of Social Networking Service + Cloud + End, smart channel management, facial recognition elevator control management, smart visitor management, smart access control management, smart attendance management and other application scenarios are linked and managed, to create an integrated smart management platform for buildings, improve the efficiency of building management, improve the work efficiency, and at the same time create a quality service experience.

Front desk
  • reception desk
  • visitor authentication machine
  • visitor front desk system
  • Owner
  • Social Networking Service account of building
  • invited visitors
Property Office
  • Property Manager
  • SaaS Application
  • Visitor Backend System
Access passage
  • security staff
  • facial recognition access speed gate
  • facial recognition access control
Innovative application of Social Networking Service + Cloud + End

Features Introduction

  • Hotel 1.personnel management 2.visitor registration 3.identity verification 4.access management 5.stay management management
  • Hotel guest 1.identity verification 2.automatic gate 3.intelligent elevator 4.access control linkage 5.liveness detection 6.attendance management 7.visitor management
  • Visitor 1.Online reservation registration 3.identity verification 4.self-service crossing elevator dispatch 6.access control linkage


Face recognition is unique, cannot be replicated, greatly improve the safety of personnel inside the office building, while the non-contact characteristics improve the experience process of the owner

The visitor system greatly improves the efficiency of entering the enterprise, at the same time, reducing the property's staff cost.

View the information of the staying person, personnel entering and exiting record, can help the property company to obtain the track of the visitors in real time.

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