Building an access control face recognition big data platform, optimizing business process, improving work efficiency and service level.

Combined with the actual needs of the city level traffic management, the face recognition technology is applied to the traffic management business scenario, integrate with the traffic management system to achieve all-round control and information collection, building a big data platform for managing face recognition. improve overall work efficiency and service standard, provide scientific decision support for the overall planning, business adjustment and overtime arrangements of the Traffic Management Bureau.

1、Business hall entrance area – Personnel real name access control

Real-name system management and access control of personnel entering and leaving the business hall, collecting face information and identity information of the entering and leaving personnel, at the same time, it is connected with the public security system and the appointment system to achieve the verification of personnel, certifications and appointment information, eliminate false ID cards and personnel using someone else ID card to gain access, and effectively reject unscheduled personnel, traffickers, and blacklisted personnel such as illegal agents, and promptly report to the back-end supervision system.

  • 1Appointment system, verification of personnel, certifications, appointment information, real-name system entry and exit
  • 2Calling system integration, conduct personnel guidance and diversions
  • 3Entry and exit frequency statistics, generating a database of suspicious personnel, rejecting illegal agents
  • 4Integrate with the traffic police six-in-one system, to determine the identity of the trafficker
  • 5Interconnection with the key personnel database of the public security, automatic warning of key personnel (such as blacklists)
  • 6Dynamic face real-time control

2、Key area - Facial recognition access control

Facial recognition access control of key areas or office areas of the Traffic Management Office, through face recognition technology, providing convenient access for staff, providing visitors with a convenient and comfortable visiting experience, enabling effective control of visitors' entry and exit. At the same time, achieve effective attendance management.

  • 1Staff unified authorization management, for convenient access
  • 2Visitor management, identification of certification like ID cards and verification access, record retention
  • 3Integrated attendance system, providing attendance data
  • 4Able to deal with various kind of emergency situations

3、Service Window – Personnel ID and Business Service

Implementing the service window through the terminal to handle personnel and business enquiries, the system is connected to the six-in-one system of the traffic control system, effectively prevent staff from physically handling enquiries.

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