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Infinity Series Desktop Facial Recognition Terminal

Desktop Facial Recognition Terminal is an authentication device based on facial recognition and fingerprint recognition technology.

Compared with the traditional or manual identification, not only is the device faster and mor

Powerful Performance

8-core 2.5GHz CPU

Instantaneous Verification(0.3sec/per verification)

Recognition accuracy of 99.99%

Stores up to 100,000 users


Excellent product design capability

Strong R&D capability

Strong supply chain capability


Advanced facial technology, replace traditional physical media like IC cards and Keys

Authorization given to individual personal, and not to cards and keys

Multifactor verification, able to meet a wide range of


Rich API for easy integration with other business applications,like OA

Advanced Security Technologies

Most advanced Chip and OS level security technology

State of the art data security encryption technology

Most advanced app security technology

Support SSL/TLS, WAP/WPA2, Bluetooth 4.0

Easy to Use

8 inch touch display

Face data collection done with just one photo

Unified management with Cloud Platform

Access management platform with Smartphone

Real-time access to verification data

Multiple language support

Excellent Product Design

Industrial Design with Red Dot Award

Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Large screen to body ratio

Space-saving design, easy to deploy

Low-power design

Easy to Install

Supports PoE+, low cost and easy to deploy

Standard electrical installation design

Industry-leading Software Scalability

Simply use BEEBOX certificated applications from App Store, no development needed

Original ODSL technology for easy integration across different applications

Typical Usage Scenarios
  • Bank
  • Office Building
  • Hotel
  • Government
  • University
  • Club
  • Public Traffic
  • Date Center

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