Core Products

Color Series
Wall-mounted Facial Recognition Terminal

There is no limit to the ideal life
Excellent in every respect

A smart terminal that combines industry-leading face recognition technology with the design of global industrial design professionals, to provide a safe and convenient smart lifestyle.

Self-confidence makes you surpass yourself


Strive to be an example to others


Steady let people go farther

Deep gray

Persist in being different

Rose gold

Become a detail-oriented person

Light gray

Easy to Use

5.5 inch touch display

With the Bluetooth lock, let the door become smart

Face data collection done with just one photo

Unified management with Cloud Platform

Easy to Install

Low cost and easy to deploy

Standard electrical installation design

Advanced Security Technologies

Most advanced Chip and OS level security technology

State of the art data security encryption technology

Most advanced app security technology

Support SSL/TLS, WAP/WPA2, Bluetooth4.0


Advanced facial technology, replace traditional physical media like IC cards and Keys

Authorization given to individual personal, and not to cards and keys

Multifactor verification, able to meet a wide range of security policies

Liveness Detection and Anti-spoofing

Excellent Product Design

Industrial Design by Red Dot Award and IF Design Award Winner Team

Anodized alumina material, beautiful and durable

Multi color choice, there is always one right for you

Simple style design, make life more relaxed

IP54 protection level

Large screen to body ratio

Space-saving design, easy to deploy

Low-power design

Typical Usage Scenarios

Access ControlElevator ControlVisitor ManagementConference check-inRemote AuthorizationBuilding(Region) Access ControlMember ManagementAttendance ManagementIdentificationPayingPrecise Advertisingetc...

Major Industries

HotelOffice BuildingDate CenterBankGovernmentUniversityAirportPublic TrafficResidenceKindergartenClubHospitalScenicetc...

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