Helping to create an open, green, efficient and intelligent government image

Facial recognition technology is combined with the government's external business process, from online real-name appointments to on-site personal identification to acquire the identification number and proceed to the business enquiry counter for identity verification, effectively improve the efficiency of the government office. At the same time, it has specifically solved the problem of "self-certification" that affects the government and citizens, avoids contradictions caused by subjective factors, eliminates issues such as identity fraud, and helps to improve the credibility of the government and public satisfaction, and promote the development of smart government, and create an open, green, efficient and intelligent government image.

Cloud management platform
Personnel, card, appointment identity verification
Office area / service window
all kinds of reception
Schematic diagram of solution deployment
  • 1Government personnel entry and exit management, convenient and fast
  • 1Business management personnel entry and exit management, real-name business management
  • 1Visitors entry and exit management, data retention, easy to inquire
  • 1Personnel access data analysis, based on real time and effective
  • 1Blacklisted personnel control, automatic system alarm

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